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Stupid Question :

Sorry, did that hurt?

Answer :

No not at all,

I'm on local anesthesia..

Why don't

you try again?



SURDAR: ''Excuse me sir what time

MAN: ''It's 3:15.'' SURDAR:

( puzzled look on his face) You know

it's the weirdest thing I have been

asking that question all day and each

time I get a different answer.


Nobody tells fish to swim birds to fly

cows to moo dogs to bark-they just

do. just like nobody tells me to

remember you I just do!


This is friend search web site

Friend   Detector



complete now searching.....

still searching... still searching......

sorry. no friends found.


''I heard you're engaged to

a girl in Centertown.''

''yes that's right.

''But you told me you

were engaged to a

girl in Spring field.''

''that's right too.''


''How can you engaged to two

different girls in two different towns?

''I 've got a bicycle.''


At a funeral :

One of the teary eyed people ask...

Stupid Question:

Why, why him  of all people.


Why? Would it rather

have  been you?


At a restaurant :

When you ask the waiter Stupid Question :

Is the ''Paneer Butter

Masala'' dish good?


No it's terrible

and made of

adulterated cement.

we occasionally also spit on it.


At a family get-together :

When some distant aunt meets you after years.

Stupid Question :

Munna, Chickoo,

you've become so big Answer:

Well you haven't particularly

shrunk yourself.


When a friend announces her

wedding and you ask...

Stupid Question:

Is the guy you're marrying well?

Answer :

No he's a miserable wife

beating, insensitive lout......

it's just the money.


There are more than 100 English Informative SMS

Page No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


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