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We have a huge collection of Beautiful Love sms. Following are the mostly searched Beautiful Love  sms categories. Peoples usually search Beautiful Love  sms by using following keywords, Beautiful Love ,Beautiful Love sms messages, most beautiful love sms, beautiful love sms, beautiful love text messages, beautiful love quotes , etc. etc.
» 1- To return love for hate.

2- To include the excluded.

3- To forgive without apology.

4- To be able to say,

” I was wrong.”


» Don’t always take things in their literal sense.

Like When Dr says take off your clothes.

When dentist says open wide.

When milkman says u want in the front or in the back.

When interior Dec say once it is in you’ll love it.

When banker says if u take it out soon you’ll lose the interest.

When the phone guy says would u like it on table or against the wall!


» Most of us Miss Out Lyf's

Big Prizes:




Bt v r Al Eligible for Lyf's

Small Prizes:

*A Hug frm bstfrnd

*A Short sleep on frnd's sholder

*A Glorious Sunset

*A chat wid 1 v hv a crush on

*An ice-cream wen its rainin

*A Silent Nyt on d Terrace

*money frm old jeans

*A Slow Walk On An Empty Road Wid d Prsn V Luv on a ful moon nite

So Dont Wry Abt Missing Life's Big Prizes

But Take Care Of D Smal ones n cherish those moments....:-)


» If i were to describe true love than

If i were to describe true love than

 i wood describe it as what a snowman

did to a snow woman, he gave her a warm

hug and they both melted in each others arms...


» You know its love when all you

want is that person to be happy,

 even if you're not part of his or her happiness.


» The four hardest tasks on earth are,,,,,,

neither physical nor intellectual ,,,,,,,,

but they are spiritual ones,,,,,,,


» Kiss is not like Nokia............Connecting People

Kiss is not like Nike..................just Do It

Kiss is not like Pepsi............Yeh Dil Maange More

But Kiss is like Pan Parag............Ek Se Mera Kya Hogav


» 10 advantages of not having a "LOVER"..

1.save time.

.can sleep well.

3.Don't have 2 bother bat missed calls..

4.Don't have to worry abut how u look..

5.Can eat in any restaurant..

6.No boring sms in the middle of night..

7.Can talk with all gals..

8.U won't hear "away.. U r dull today"..

.Can go anywhere with any one..

10.Don't have 2 listen same old crap jokes..

BONUS:- U will live a long life.......so be aware of LOVER


» After finishing MBBS Dr

Munna starts his practice.

He checked

1 st patient eyes,

tongue & ears

by TORCH &

finally said

BOLE TO......



» Earth may stop


Birds may stop


Candles may stop


Fishes may stop


Heart may stop


But your Brain

w ill never start



» I m at police station,

The Police caught me

& filed a case

against me of



Need some ugly Monkey

2 bail me out,

Where r u?

» De golden words said by a scholar:

My Son is my Son till he gets a wife,


My Daughter is my Daughter all her life!

A tribute to all Daughters!

» I saw u on

a road

U look so beautiful

u walk as a divine

when i see u

a sweet song

came to my mind



» Friends change,

-I know they do....

but this friend will always belong to you.

Friends hurt

I know they do....

But this friend gets hurt more without ''You''....!

» Silence & smile are two powerful tools.

smile is the way to solve many problems.


Silence is they way to avoid many problems.

» Life is all about a card game.

Choosing the right cards is not our hand.

But playing well with the cards is hand,

determines our Succes.

» It feels nice when some1 misses u

It feels nice when some1 misses u,

feels good when some1 loves u. feels

better when some1's with u. But it feels

the best when some1 never 4gets u.

» When the night comes, look at

 the sky. If you see a falling star,

 don't wonder why, just make a

wish. Trust me, it will come true,

 because I did it and I found you

» I don't wanna feel the way that

 I do* I just wanna be right here with you*

 I don't wanna see* see us apart*

 I just wanna say straight from my heart I miss you

» "It& apposes better to cry than to be Angry;


Anger hurts other,

while Tears flow Silently through the Soul

and Cleanses the Heart".. !

» U know wat happened

last nite, I went out

4 dinner ,

a lady starin at me,

she ordered wat i did,

she ate hoe i ate,

she insist to pay my

bill too,

when i left d hote,

she followed me,

came to my car n

started pullin my log,

as i pullung urs now.

Ha ha!

» That awkward moment

when you are actually telling the truth

but you laugh during it,

and everybody thinks you are lying.

» So many wonderful moments we have spent together,

so many wonderful years in all kinds of weather,

thinking of u mother brings memories to mind,

wonderful moments i ll treasure,

these u gave me sincerely that's why my mom ,

I love u so dearly.

» Smile, even if it hurts,

Laugh, even if it’s fake.

Stand up, even if you want to die.

Don’t let anyone deceive you,

you’re beautiful regardless of what anybody says.

Look with your heart, not your eyes.

  We have a huge collection of Beautiful Love sms. Following are the mostly searched Beautiful Love  sms categories. Peoples usually search Beautiful Love  sms by using following keywords, Beautiful Love ,Beautiful Love sms messages, most beautiful love sms, beautiful love sms, beautiful love text messages, beautiful love quotes , etc. etc.


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