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Birthday Quotes- Page 2

Growing old is mandatory.

Growing up is optional.


Middle-age: When a narrow waist and a brood

mind exchange places.


....I was seventy-two years old I was

seventy-seven when I retired. On my

seventy-sixth birthday a lady had triplets. It

was quite a birthday present.


....Old blossom uncurl and living things arrange

their death, while someone from afar off

blows birthday candles for the world.


....More likely to take children to their

activities-the playground ballet or karate

class birthday parties-they get a chance to

see other children in action. Fathers......


Do not forget birthdays. This is in no way a

propaganda for a larger population.


...People vivid and full of possibilities. They are

communism at its best. Everybody has a

birthday and almost everybody has a palm...


Midnight and the clock strikes. It is

Christmas Day the werewolves birthday, the

door of the solstice still wide enough open to

let them....


A pre school child does not emerge from your

toddler on a given or birthday He

becomes a child when he ceases to be a

wayward, confusing, unpredictable....


Except ye become as little children, except

you can wake on your fiftieth birthday with

the same forward-looking excitement and

interest in life....


....My daughter at eleven ( almost twelve), is

like a garden Oh darling Born in that sweet

birthday suit and having owned it and known it

for so long now you must......


....Age is a limit we impose upon ourselves. You

know each time you Westerners celebrate

your birthday you build another fence around

your minds.


Nothing is free not even age. Age is the fee

god charges for life.


If you weren't my daughter you'd still be my

best friend.


When a man has a birthday

he takes a day off,

but when a woman has a birthday

she takes a year off.


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