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Birthday Quotes- Page 5

It's always a treat to wish 'Happy Birthday'

to someone so sweet!


With love this wish is sent your way for a

very special kind of day.


Life is short----

open your presents early!


Happy Birthday.

I hope your day

is filled with many

wonderful memories.


You're old when you forget how to start your

rocking chair.


Have a very Happy Birthday.

When a friend that I care

about has a birthday I like

to give them something

that no one else can...

,,,my friendship.


This birthday wish is little but warm as it can


Because someone thinks you're special

and that someone is ME!


Birthday are wonderful--we get a new one

every year!


May everything about your day be special

because that's what YOU are.


May your birthday be bright with joy and

warm with friendships.


I only have one wish for you:

That all your wishes and dreams come true!


May this birthday be just the beginning of a

year filled with happy memories wonderful

moments and shining dreams.


Birthdays mark the and of where you've been

and the beginning of where you're going.


Wishing you a birthday that's happy through

and through

Because there couldn't ever be a day too nice

for you!


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