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Cool Cat


 Well I'm a cat with nine

And I'm in my prime

I'm a Casanova Cat

And I'm feline fine

I'm strolling down the street

In my white slipper feet

Yeh, all the little lady cats

Are looking for a treat

Because I got style

I got a naughty smile

I'm gonna cross this street

In just a little while

to be with you

to be with you

to be with you

to be with

you got grace

You got a lickable face

I'm gonna love ya and leave ya

And you'll never find a trace

Because I'm on my own

I like to be alone

I'm just a swingin, strpllin

Rollin stone

But it's your lucky day

I'm gonna pass your way

I can spare a little lovin'

If you wanna stop and

play with me

Play with me

Play with me

Play with me

Play with

Meeow my

I got a twinkling eye

I'm gonna cross this street

So don't you be too shy

But what's this I see

Comin straight at me

It's a crazy car driver

Tryin to make me flee

So I look up slow

Just to let he man know

That I don't go any faster

Than I really wannna.............

X !X !X !X !X !X !X !X !X !X !X !X ! X! X !





By: Mike Jubb

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