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 The Wizard Of Oz

There are more than 5 children's story English

(1) The Wizard Of Oz (2) The Bluebird

(3) The Wild Swans (4) Tom Thumb

(5) The Tinderbox

Children's Stories

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Once upon a time a young girl called Dorothy lived with her uncle and aunt in a poor, drought-stricken part of Kansas. America. Their home was a modest little log-cabin. Dorothy's only playmate was Toto, a sweet

and lovely little dog. Kansas was often devastated by tornados very strong winds that can blow over buildings and gift trees

out of  the ground.

One day, a terrible tornado hit the area. Poor Dorothy

didn't have time to hide in the cellar and found herself alone in

the house with Toto.

The tornado was so furious that it swept the little house off

the ground. But despite being tossed around, it miraculously

stayed in one piece. Dorothy was so frightened that she

crawled into her bed. She must have fallen asleep because, all

of a sudden, she was woken by a tremendous jolt. She listened

carefully. The noise of the wind had stopped, so she opened

the door and went out.

Dorothy looked around her, and to her surprise, found she

was in a beautiful land with brightly-colored flowers and

green grass everywhere. A little way off stood some very

curious-looking characters. They introduced themselves.

We are the Munchkins and this is the Good Witch of the




  The witch told Dorothy that she was in the land of Oz, which

was ruled by a great magician. He was the Wizard of Oz and

lived in the Emerald City.

Dorothy was worried. She wanted to go home to her uncle

and aunt in Kansas. The kind witch said,

You must speak to the Wizard of Oz, he alone can help

you. And she showed her the pathway to the Emerald City.

The young girl and her little dog get off with the witch's

blessing. She gave Dorothy a pair of magic silver shoes and a

kiss that would protect her. On the road, she met a scarecrow

He too wished to see the Wizard of Oz to ask him for a brain

 to put inside his straw head.

Then she met a tin man who wanted to see the Wizard to ask

for a heart for his ten body. Then she came across a cowardly

lion. He wanted to become brave because he was a coward,

which is very embarrassing for a lion.

Dorothy traveled along the road with Toto and her new

friends, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. After many

adventures they arrived at the Emerald City. The city

sparkled with a magnificent green light. The guard at the city

gates let them in. he gave them each a pair of special glasses

so that they wouldn't be blinded by the brilliance

of the splendid city. But before presenting them to the all powerful Wizard of Oz,

the guard explained to them that the wizard could appear to them in any

shape or form. Dorothy was the first to be seen by the Wizard. He

appeared to her as a huge head with no body arms or legs.



  I agree to help you return home but in exchange you must kill the Wicked

With of the west, his voice boomed. Dorothy pleaded with the wizard.

She wondered how she could possibly do such a thing. Then it was

Scarecrow's turn, and the wizard appeared as a beautiful young

woman. In exchange for a brain, Scarecrow must help Dorothy. To

Tin Mon he appeared as a hideous monster who demanded he too

should kill the witch in exchange for a heart. Lion saw

the wizard as a ball of fire. Lion must help his friends in

order to show that he was worthy of having courage.

The four friends set off immediately to look for the

wicked witch of the west and soon found the selves in a dark


Although the wicked witch only

had one eye, it was a magic eye

and she could see everything for

miles around. She saw the four friends

in the forest and flew into a rage. She

decided to get rid of them and sent guards

to stop them. Huge wolves with cruel eyes, savage

courage of Tin Man Scarecrow and Too soon scared them off.

Then the wicked witch sent her lying monkeys. There was

nothing the friends could do and they were carried off to the

witch's castle where she locked them up.



  The next day, when Dorothy was having a bath the wicked

witch took one of the silver shoes.

Give me back my shoe! Dorothy begged.

It is mine now! the wicked witch answered.

You're horrible shouted Dorothy. That shoe does not

belong to you.

I don't care I'm keeping it she cackled spitefully.

In her fury Dorothy threw a bucket full of water right in

the witch face. To her great surprise, Dorothy saw the witch

begin to shrink.

I'm frightened of water! she screamed. I'm going to

disappear! You did it on purpose. You knew that water would

make me melt!'

No no ! I didn't really mean to ! cried Dorothy. And she

watched as the witch melted into a pool of water.

Great joy and celebrations swept through the country for

the wicked witch was dead! The four friends returned to the

wizard of Oz who with thanks for what they had done gave

Scarecrow a brain. Tin Man a heart and Lion lots of courage

Dorothy wish was granted too. She was able to go home to

Kansas with Toto. There she found her uncle and aunt in a

newly-built farmhouse where they all lived happily ever




There are more than 5 children's story English

(1) The Wizard Of Oz (2) The Bluebird

(3) The Wild Swans (4) Tom Thumb

(5) The Tinderbox

Children's Stories

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