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Soul-refreshing are your lips,

Soul-refreshing are your lips,

Breath of Christ are your lips.

The god of beauty with nectar divine

Has charged the goblet of your lips.

Wisdom, philosophy, deep truths,

Inform the utterance of your lips.

With ruby-pen the lovers of your lines,

Inscribe the message of your lips.

The grass, the foliage, and the bloom,

Forever crave to kiss your lips.

My palate and tongue get honey-drenched,

Whosoever I mention your lips.

What a treat for Wali's tongue,

Morn and eve to praise your lisp!


To see your face every morn,

To see your face every morn,

Is to see the glorious flush of dawn.

To turn my heart to a Philomel or moth,

This is the task of your fire-bloom face.

I saw you just this morning, Love,

Lo, my heart yearns again.

Your beauteous glimmer, O flaming face,

Has caused the blemish in the moon's breast.

The folds in your spiraling crest,

Make my heart twist and turn.

To hear one word from your lips,

Is to pluck the mystery's heart.

If thou sleekest heaven on earth,

Go, behold that beauteous face.

What cares he for the counselor wise,

He who is charmed by a fairy face?


Remembering my Love all the time,

Remembering my Love all the time,

Is all the prayer my sick heart knows.

The fount of nectar I don't desire,

I only crave your sight for a drink.

I know not how it's going to end,

I've lost my heart to my sweetheart.

Matchless it is, beyond all praise,

Each word of that fount of lore.

Complete deliverance if you seek,

Give up the beads, renounce the thread.

A floral throne awaits the dew

Behold the status of the wakeful eye!

To offer itself at the feet of love,

Is the cherished goal of my streaming eye.


Unveiled lies His Beauty at large,

Unveiled lies His Beauty at large,

But for our confounded sight.

The even glow of the burning taper clearly unfolds,

The grace divine sun-like shines o're every grain of


His lovers will stunned, amazed,

Should He remove His, veil unmask His face.

Whoever meets her bewitching eyes,

Doomed is he to be her thrall, here and beyond.

My heart, O Wali, is rancor-free,

Its turbulence suppressed, like silvered glass.

I'll compare thy lips to the ruby of Badakhshan,

I'll compare thy lips to the ruby of Badakhshan,

Your enchanting eyes to those of the deer.

Sovereign you are o're the realm of beauty,

Like Suleiman, the sovereign of lean.

The praise of your stature, O Alph-like love,

I'll sing to the cypress, like tuneful birds.

Be not cruel, O Laila, among the beauties!

Thy Majnun will tell his tale to the wilds.

You came in my dreams, with beauty so rare,

To be envied of Yousaf, should he but know.

Your grief consumes me day and night,

I'll share my pang with the burning brand.

Not a mark on your face is out of place,

Impeccable it is like the page of Quran.

Bear with this pain, Wali, keep your calm,

I'll confide in my healer the depth of my .


There are more than wali mohammed wali Ghazal And Poem

Page No. 1 2


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